To renew your membership to the College of Animal Chiropractors, please review the requirements set forth by the Board of Directors.  Membership runs from 1 July to 30 June each calendar year, and the membership fee is $75 per year.  To renew your membership, please proceed to the Payment Gateway by clicking the button below.  You will then be redirected to our new, secure, online renewal form.



A member is required to participate in 20 hours of Continuing Education over a two-year period.  The CE cycle has been standardized for a two-year period starting on July 1st and ending on June 30th.  A member is not permitted to bank hours over the two-year period, and the required 20 hours is considered the minimum standard for the two-year cycle.

These CE activities need not be strictly animal chiropractic in nature, but must relate to a member’s clinical practice and/or professional activities, with the goal of enhancing a member’s professional knowledge and skill. They must, however, be consistent with the core principles of animal chiropractic, such as, neurology, bio-mechanics, anatomy, saddle fit, and animal chiropractic techniques.

The CoAC encourages all members to regularly participate in additional CE activities. To this end, the CoAC would also like to introduce some flexibility to encourage independent learning as well and will differentiate between structured and unstructured activities.

Activities: Active or interactive learning programs that generally have structured agendas, learning objectives and interaction with other members of the chiropractic profession or other professions. Activities: Self-directed, independent learning activities
May include: Attending courses, seminars, workshops, presentations, conferences, participating in an interactive online course, seminar or webinar May include: Writing articles/content for the CoAC website, submitting new questions for competency exam (exact question format and citation would need to be finalized), reading professional books, journals, articles, research papers, viewing/listening to professional audio/video/internet material, preparing/presenting professional presentations, researching/writing for professional publications
Hours per two-year cycle: 15 hours minimum Hours per two-year cycle: 5 hours maximum


Over and above the requirements relating to the CE hours, whether structured or unstructured, the CoAC also required its members to record participation in CE activities in his/her professional portfolio and maintain his/her CE materials gathered while fulfilling CE requirements (eg. course outlines, certificates, handouts, receipts, etc.).

The CoAC will continue to review the CE process and make appropriate changes as needed, which may include the introduction of mandatory elements to the program (eg. interactive, hands-on learning related to spinal manipulation) and/or approval/disapproval of specific programs.  Please check back for details!