Welcome all graduates of animal chiropractic programs from the United States, Canada, Germany and England. We are excited to share this new interactive website with you!

We have several exciting features to offer you and your growing practice. The first is our ‘Animal Chiropractor Locator’ feature.  With this Locator, your contact information, including a link to your website, is easily accessible to the public…driving directions and all!

The site will also provide a schedule of Continuing Education Courses offered around the world. Life gets hectic, so what a great way to find what fits your schedule and needs.  Course information is provided including class content, presenters, description and dates of courses, helping you identify what CE’s you’d like to take making planning ahead easy.

Our most exciting section is our Social Media area. This area provides only CoAC members a private, secure, interactive forum, called the ‘Community of Practice’ (CoP)…but we’ll get to details of this later. The forum allows members to communicate openly and securely to discuss cases, techniques, the latest research, share ideas, advice, etc. Instructions and Terms of Use of the CoP, as well as a personalized access password instructions will be sent to you on becoming a member.

Finally, the site will provide a reference library with interesting and useful articles and links relating to animal chiropractic and much more.

Benefits of CoAC Membership

  • Stay current with relevant articles and clinical information
  • Network and connect with other members by joining our ‘Community of Practice’ forum
  • Be accessible. Your name will appear in our ‘Find a Certified Doctor’ directory
  • Voice your concerns and help actively shape the advancement of the profession
  • Be in-the-loop! Find out about accredited CE seminars and Conventions
  • Strength in numbers. Be a part of an advocacy organization providing a strong, credible unified ‘voice’ for animal chiropractic