Visiting an Animal Chiropractor

On your first visit, a Certified Animal Chiropractor may ask about the following about your pet:

  • Complete medical history, including list of past illnesses, previous traumas or injuries, surgeries, medications taken, tests performed and any diagnostic imaging received or recommended
  • Name of Veterinarian and previous diagnosis or working diagnosis
  • Description of ┬ápresent condition or concerns
  • Expectations of treatment
  • Steps taken to manage condition
  • Exercise level or description of animals job/activity
  • Animals home environment eg. Multiple animals in home etc

Certified Animal Chiropractors are specifically trained in the art and science of animal chiropractic and may perform the following evaluations on first and subsequent visits:

  • Gait and movement analysis, including specific ranges of motion testing of spine and extremities
  • Analysis of posture and structural levels
  • Physical examination including reflexes, static and motion palpation, cranial nerve and neurological examinations, muscle testing, etc
  • Specific chiropractic examination to detect areas of joint restrictions or areas of hypomobility, often called subluxations
  • Determining if presenting condition is indeed a chiropractic case or requires referral to primary Veterinarian for further evaluation or testing